Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Meet Our Salesmen: Austin Messer

Austin Messer has been at Eddie Mercer Automotive since January 2015. Instantly successful, Austin has had no problem growing his customer base through our programs here as well as online through his social media business pages. He's truly dedicated to his work and changing peoples' perception on the "generic car salesman."

Pensacola Car Sales

So, Austin, why are you a car salesman?
Completely by chance. I had been in bank sales and not wholly satisfied with my job. I had been sort of looking for a new position when my car needed to be fixed. While in the waiting room, I opened the newspaper and right there was an ad for "Automotive Sales - No Experience Necessary." I went in for the interview and was offered the job on the spot.

Have you found a favorite car that you've sold since you started working car sales then?
An Audi RS 4 Quattro. It's a performance sedan with AWD and extremely rare in the United States. The gentleman was kicking tires and from Colorado. He ended up driving it all the way back there!

What about the best car you've owned?
The one I have right now: a 1983 Datsun 280ZX. It's unique but that's also an issue because if you see it on the road, you know it's me.

You started here in January. So far, what's your favorite part about working at Eddie Mercer Automotive?
Probably has to be the opportunity to sell one of the nicest collections of pre-owned vehicles in the area.

And your least favorite part about being a salesman?
The Stigma. The stigma of being a car salesman. You can meet people who would be the sweetest person outside the dealership, but due to their past experiences at the big box stores or just the perception of my job, they come in looking for a fight. Everyone wants a fair deal and I want to give them a fair deal too! If they don't get a price or a car they're happy with, they're less likely to come back to see me. That definitely has to be my least favorite part of this job: overcoming the stigma of being a car salesman.

Here's Colin picking up his Kia Soul from Austin!

So you're a car salesman now... but what did you want to be when you grew up?
A marine biologist. Then I took college biology courses and decided I didn't want to be a marine biologist anymore. My step dad was an investor and every night after dinner I would sit and watch him check his portfolio. That got me a bit passionate about that and I still am really interested in investing.

Have you ever had a disaster on the job? Here or anywhere else?
At another store, I was mentoring a new salesman and it was just one thing after another. In that short time, he managed to wreck a car, get a 30k Corvette stolen, and get detained by the military police. Didn't happen to me exactly, but it was still a disaster.

Getting back to selling cars here; why should people come see you?
A. I have the nicest pre-owned vehicles. B. Fast, fair, friendly, fun service. And C... pause there is no c. A and B speak for themselves.

You're big on using Social Media to sell cars, but what are your actual feelings about using it?
I'm probably the only 24 year old who prefers talking to people face to face or over the phone rather than on social media. But at the same time, I completely understand that buyers are plugged in. They'd much rather search for their cars online. It has become so important that it can't be ignored. So I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I even offer an online buying service through them.

Anything you'd like to add?
Share my Facebook page! You can also reach me at 850-529-1102. I like to tell my clients: even when I'm not here, I'm still working.

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