Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meet Our Salesmen - Joe Garriga

Joe Garriga, or "Joe G" as he goes by, is one of our newest salesmen! Passionate about golf, cars, and motorcycles, he has had no issue fitting into the car business. Check out how Joe's hobbies and career have always revolved around automobiles in our interview.
Joe at Eddie Mercer Automotive
So, to start off, why are you a car salesman? What got you into the business?
I was selling cars since I was in high school and I just continued on. Always been a car career, or a car person really is what I would call it.

Any cars you've sold that stand out? 
A 1967 Corvette. It was actually mine and I sold it myself. Has to have been my favorite.

You've been doing this for decades, but what makes Eddie Mercer Automotive different to you from the rest of the dealerships?
We have all the tools we need to help the customers in a fast and efficient way. Plus, it's always good to know that management cares about you.

And your least favorite thing about being a salesman?

*Laughs* You find time for pastimes though, right?
Yeah. Golf. Just a lifelong passion of mine. Classic cars too. Oh, and motorcycles. Just a car person like I said.

You've been a car salesman all this time. Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I didn't ever want to be one thing when I grew up, really. It changed so much. It always involved cars though. I can tell you one thing, actually, I just never got the chance: an automobile designer.

Have you ever had a disaster on the job?
Oh, it was a while back, I think in 1980. I had a car sold. The customer was on the way to pick it up and then another car came out of nowhere and slammed into it.

What makes you different? Why should people come see you?
I treat people fairly. I'm a seller, yeah, but I'm always happy. I'll try to get you a fair deal. I want my customers to walk away happy with their purchase and most of them too.
Tacoma Pensacola
Here's Joe selling a Tacoma to Donald!
Ready to work with Joe on your next vehicle purchase? Give him a call at 850-479-2272 and make sure to ask for "Joe G"!

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