Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meet our Salesmen: Paul Smith

Paul started with us back in late 2013. He's very straight forward; I knew going into the questions that some of his answers would be very short and sweet. I had to prod him a bit to get a little more out of him at some points. Paul really gets along with everyone and never gets down. His biggest dream is to own land and be rich. Our mechanic, Gary, came up with a great nickname for him: Lincoln. It fits him perfectly.

Why are you a car salesman?

Money. *Nods*

What's your favorite thing about working at Eddie Mercer Automotive?
Money.... But I really do like it here. I get along with everyone and you'd have to drag me out of here if you ever wanted me to leave.

And your least favorite part?
Working with Jeremy. That guy... Don't even get me started.

What's your favorite car you've sold?
Land Rover LR3.

The customer was amazing and it was just a fun deal.

Have you ever had a disaster on the job? Here or anywhere else?
Actually, no.
(Jeremy: That means it's coming.)

What is your favorite pastime?
Guns and video games, definitely.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Rich. Can I say rich? Yeah, rich.

Dodge Dart Pensacola
Paul selling the Dodge Dart

Favorite car you've owned?
1996 Gold Ford Taurus, my first car. Definitely my Taurus. Though I love Toyota now.

Why should people contact you?
I like meeting clients and making connections. We can help each other out and I want to make a deal that you'll remember so you'll send your friends my way.

What's with the pathetic plant on your desk?
It was given to me on my first week by a salesman that used to work here, Sean. I feel obligated to take care of it now. 

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