Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet Our Salesmen: Andrew "The President" Jackson

Andrew "The President" Jackson is one of the original employees at Eddie Mercer Automotive! He has a huge heart and always tries to do what is best for everyone. Andrew is also extremely loyal and is eager to please. His goal is to one day be the general manager. He loves his job and always has a story to tell. 

Check out below for his answers to our questions!

So, why are you a car salesmen?
Anthony, our general manager, made me. I used to be a detailer with him at another dealership. One day later on, I was looking for a job, and I asked Anthony about the detailing position. He said he wouldn't give me that, but he'd give me the salesman position. I said no. I worried about getting a steady paycheck. After a few days, I said what the heck and took it. I followed him here after that.

What's your favorite thing about working here then?
(Paul: Me.
Drew: Definitely not Paul)
It would have to be the family atmosphere everyone brings to the table.

What was the best car you've sold, in your opinion? And why?
A 2010 Cadillac EXT. The customers flew in from Germany for this specific car. They had it shipped to Atlanta after that. 

Andrew selling the Nissan Altima
What's your least favorite part of being a salesman?
Nothing exactly, but I'd have to say not selling a car. I think that goes for any salesman though.

Have you ever had a disaster on the job?
Probably the belts. I've had quite a few belts break while I'm here. One day I was talking to a customer, and the belt buckle just flew off! Also, splitting my pants several times. But that's a good luck charm. Whenever I split them, I sell a car right after.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
(Andrew saw our manager, Anthony, walk in) Anthony! (Anthony rolled his eyes and I repeated the question, laughing). I think a FWC officer.

What is your favorite car that you've owned?
The one I have now: a 2010 Cadillac CTS.

Why should people come see you?
Why not?

Since we did the "Minions on a Shelf" during Christmas last year, why Minions on your desk, exactly?
They're so fluffy! Well, who doesn't want a minion? They're funny.

He's also a huge Seminoles fan

Do you have any specific goals or anything else you wanted to add?
I just want to do and be the best I can.

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  1. Cool he has minions on his desk. Hahaha sounds like a great guy