Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Krewe du Ya Yas

One of the local organizations we support on the Gulf Coast is a lovely group of women known as the Krewe du Ya Yas. They work tirelessly to raise awareness of breast cancer through events, parades, and fundraisers. They also assist economically challenged individuals to get the necessary tests that would detect breast cancer early.

Krewe Du Ya Yas at the Mardi Gras Beach Parade

They wear pink of course! That is to honor all women of the world and also everyone who has ever been touched in their lives by this horrible cancer. They also wear tiaras to show that all women can be princesses and queens in their day to day lives. The women live by the motto "Living, Laughing, and Loving".

Race for a Cure

You can find more information about their nonprofit organization, Krewe Du Ya Yas Keeping Abreast Foundation Inc. 

The group also has several events coming up! One is the 11th Annual One Stroke for a Cure on October 17th at the Scenic Hills Country Club. They also have the Downtown Christmas Parade on December 14th.

Annual One Stroke for a Cure

Please check out their website! You can also like their Facebook page or donate. Thank you for what you do, ladies. We support you!

The Krewe du Ya Yas at the Billy Bowlegs Parade!

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